Contemporary Research on Organization Management and Administration
Vol. 2020, 8 (1)
ISSN (online) 2335-7959
Pages: 6-18

Vilma Čingienė, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
Mindaugas Gobikas, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
Ernestas Vaitkevičius, Sport club “BUDORA”, Lithuania

Status: Published
Full paper link: CROMA_2020_8_1_6-18.pdf

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This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international Licence


Purpose – the goal of this article is to determine how police sports events enable the officers to develop their necessary skills.

Design/methodology/approach – a quantitative analysis of empirical data was carried out. The method of the research – a questionnaire-based survey and statistical analysis. The generalized results of the research were presented in two tables.

Findings – Police sports events are one of the most unconventional means for officers to develop certain skills and competences. Upon analyzing officers’ skill development through sports events based on gender aspect, statistically significant differences were not detected. However, education and age influenced the development of the skills among certain officials. Officials with higher education had the highest preference for access to skills development through sports competitions. From an age perspective, senior officials underestimated the ability to develop skills of selfless behavior and critical thinking through sports events, while developing skills of communication and cooperation as well as ability of quick decision-making were indicated as important among junior officers. Research limitations/implications – the research was conducted in 2019 and was based on the sports events of police officers carried out in 2018. Performance of multiple studies of such nature could lead to a more detailed conclusions and suggestions based on the results obtained. Due to this limitation, we can only evaluate the insights of the research as first time statements regarding the skills development of police officers at sports events.

Practical implications – the results of this research could benefit the highest police administration. It could lead to their decisions to enhance the importance of sport events in strengthening the development of professional skills of police officers.

Originality/Value – based on the results of the research, the authors were able to discuss the necessary skills that need to be developed for police officers. At the same time, the significance of sports event in society was broadened and its more extensive applicability was discussed.

Keywords: police officers, sports events, skills

Research type: original research.

JEL classification: J24, J45, L83.

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