Contemporary Research on Organization Management and Administration
Vol. 2020, 8 (2)
ISSN (online) 2335-7959
Pages: 47-57

Marie Švarcová, The Univesity College of Business in Prague, Czech Republic
Gabriela Antošová, The Univesity College of Business in Prague, Czech Republic

Status: Published
Full paper link: CROMA_2020_8_2_47-57.pdf

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Purpose – The paper examines the concept of marketing and communication known to some Czech entrepreneurs and the public. The authors of the paper revealed the implementation of marketing in selected Czech companies and mainly focused on methods and techniques of marketing usage in this context. The most important attention is paid of understanding the term of marketing in the practice implemented by the firms in the Czech Republic.

Design/methodology/approach – The research at Czech companies was focused on the use and implementation of marketing and the information obtained from exploratory research was utilized. A survey was conducted at the turn of 2014/2015, by a random method with a probabilistic sample. A total of 246 surveyed companies were divided into two stages. In one stage, 137 companies were interviewed, of which 95 were Czech companies that are the subject of this paper. Qualitative research method was conducted with a moderate semi-structured questions.

Findings – the confusion between marketing communication and promotion and advertising occurs due to an insufficient analysis in terms of distinguishing two-way and one-way information flow. Another problem arose as a result of translations which became the background material for the general public. The persistent disparateness in this topic caused by a misunderstanding of its substance and form that can be used today as a result of modern media;

Research limitations/implications – It reveals the issue of incorrectly translated and understood concept of marketing which is mistaken for financially demanding activities – advertising and promotion. Such confusion leads to distorted views not only on the importance of marketing communication but also on the use of this activity in a market economy.;

Practical implications – Marketing communication, correctly understood and used, has an important and irreplaceable role for businesses (organizations, companies, institutions, traders, etc.), determining their existence in the market and significantly affecting their competitiveness;

Originality/Value – Since entrepreneurs understand marketing as advertising, they also understand marketing communication as advertising;

Keywords: entrepreneurship; marketing; marketing research; marketing communication; advertising

Research type: research paper.

JEL classification: M31, M37.

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