Contemporary Research on Organization Management and Administration
Vol. 2020, 8 (2)
ISSN (online) 2335-7959
Pages: 32-46

Joana Butėnaitė, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania

Status: Published
Full paper link: CROMA_2020_8_2_32-46.pdf

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Purpose of the study is to create a theoretical model based on empirical findings which explains how Roman Catholic faith helps older people to remain psychologically resilient.

Methodology. It is an explanatory case study which collects data from seven older practicing Roman Catholics. Qualitative semi-structured interviews were applied, transcribed and analysed using content analysis.

Findings. An empirical model is formed, which presents most interrelated aspects of religious faith and psychological resilience in the sample of older people. Based on the findings of the content analysis, a theoretical model is developed to explain the psychological resilience of older people in the context of their religious faith. The model shows that religious faith is a living phenomenon in the lives of older people.

Research limitations / implications are the low number of participants. The results could not be not described and generalized for a larger population of the older people. It is expedient to conduct studies that reveal if these models are approprote for larger sample of older people who are Roman Catholics or practicing other religions.

Practical implications. The results are applicable to psychological, social and pastoral work with older people. The findings of the study can be applied and integrated into older people's counseling, psychotherapy, and develop psychosocial and spiritual interventions.

Originality. The study investigates the psychological resilience of older people in the context of religious faith. Based on the findings, a methodical model was created and a theoretical model was developed. There is a lack of similar studies of religious faith which form and explain the resuls by the empirical and theoretical models.

Keywords: spiritual well being, qualitative measures.

Research type: research paper.

JEL classification: D91, N34, Z12.

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